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Meet Your Chiropractor

Dr. Christian Woodfield is from Jackson, Mississippi where he attended Belhaven University. He graduated with a degree in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science. He then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida to obtain his degree in chiropractic.

“Growing up I was involved in several sports; however, unlike many who get into this profession, I was never introduced to chiropractic throughout my life. When I was in my early 20’s, I lost my mother to a heart attack. I also witnessed many members of my family deal with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. This led me to take an interest in general health and wellness. I attended Belhaven because it was a popular local school in regard to education in sports medicine. I initially planned on going into physical therapy, but after multiple semesters spent shadowing different clinics, something felt off about the profession. During my final semester, I called a random chiropractic clinic with no prior knowledge as to what it was about. The doctor I spent time with told me he would convince me to follow the profession before my time ended. He himself being a Palmer graduate. Within a month of my time with him ending, I was accepted and enrolled at Palmer. The profession felt right from the moment I discovered it, and I never looked back or doubted it. I love this field of study and seek to continue growing and bettering myself within the field.”


“Christian is always friendly and professional. I have chronic neck pain and headaches and he fixes me up every time.”