Chiro Now was founded by Dr. Roland Martinez D.C. in 2011 and has been changing chiropractic and patient care one adjustment at a time.  Through affordable care patients are able to seek the benefits of acute conditions along with wellness care.  By eliminating the need for insurance companies and appointments, chiropractic care has become more accessible to the population.

Come in and see the difference.   Stop by one of our many locations and experience the wonders of chiropractic care with any of our experienced and licensed chiropractors. 

The Difference

Our mission is to improve quality of life in an affordable and convenient manner. We understand pain doesn't make an appointment, so chiropractic appointments are never needed with any of our chiropractors. With our No Hassle approach, receiving chiropractic care has never been easier. Appointments are never needed and there are never any extra charges or hidden fees. There are never any contracts to sign forcing you to come over and over again, no sales pitch scaring you into unnecessary care, and no cookie cutter treatment plans. It's that simple. Chiro Now offers you chiropractic care on your terms!

With our unique well designed offices we are able to cut our overhead and pass the savings on to our patients, making chiropractic care affordable for the entire family.