Solid Support and The Investment

Our Solid Support

Through our years of research and experience we will see you through everything from your first site selection to your third location along with all the hurdles and challenges you may see throughout the years.

The Start Up

Prior to opening you will receive training on how to find the right location along with lease negotiation and design.

The Grand Opening

We will be right by your side before and during your grand opening researching the most cost effective way to reach your ideal patient without braking the bank.  

  • Marketing
  • Print ads
  • Direct mail
  • External signage
  • Referral marketing
  • Local business marketing

The Investment

Starting a business is a big commitment and investment.  We want you to know all the fees upfront so that there are no confusions or surprises along the way.

A new Chiro Now franchise can expect:

  • Initial franchise fee:  $15,000
  • Franchise term:  5 years with 5 year renewal option
  • Continuing Franchise Fee:  1st year flat rate of $400 per month and $600 per month thereafter
  • Initial investment ranges from 

All fees and other financial information will be outlined in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)